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Walter Klingler; Gunnar Roters;
Oliver Zöllner (eds.):

Fernsehforschung in Deutschland.
Themen - Akteure - Methoden.

(= SWR Medienforschung, Vol. 1)

Baden-Baden: Nomos, 1998, 1005 pp.
(two tomes)

About this book:

Television research in Germany. This two-volume collection of articles with more than 1,000 pages presents diverse methods, applications and results of research into contents, genres, audiences, uses, and impacts of television in Germany. Experts summarize the state of the art of their respective fields and put it in a wider context. This textbook is highly recommended for anyone who needs to get an in-depth introduction to television research in Europe's largest TV market.

The two volumes include a total of 50 articles on the following topics:
1. Television use in Germany: overviews
2. Research on target groups
3. Research on genres and formats
3.a. General overviews
3.b. Political formats
3.c. History formats
3.d. Entertainment formats
3.e. New distribution platforms for TV content
4. Research on television's impacts, modes and patterns of reception
4.a. General overviews
4.b. Television violence
4.c. Psychological and emotional aspects of television use
4.d. Modes and patterns of television reception
5. New trends and developments in television research
Annex: A glossary of terms

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