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(Cover courtesy of
© 2004 CIBAR)
Oliver Zöllner (ed.):

Beyond Borders.
Research for International Broadcasting.

(= CIBAR Proceedings, Vol. 2)

Bonn: CIBAR, 2004, 168 pages,
in English

CIBAR is the acronym of the "Conference of International Broadcasters' Audience Research Services", an association of researchers in international broadcasting. Volume 2 of their proceedings series contains expanded and updated articles that were presented at CIBAR's 19th annual conference in Moscow (2003).

From cover blurb:

The world of broadcasting is in the middle of a time of unprecedented change. New formats, new delivery methods arrive and add to the choices available to viewers and listeners; around the world, the media landscapes develop in widely varying ways depending on regulation, prosperity, culture and consumer preferences. For public service international broadcasters the changing times present great opportunities, but also risks.
The articles contained in this book address some of the most important issues facing broadcasters today: who are you trying to reach? what do audiences want from you? how will people use the new technologies that become available to them? how do you meet the needs of people living in areas of conflict?
The volume covers a broad geographic spectrum and a wide range of approaches to research, reflecting the fact that the changing times and emerging technologies call for constant re-appraisal of the methods used to collect audience information.

Contains the following articles:

International Broadcasting to, from, and within Russia and the CIS

R. Eugene Parta: From Adversaries to Colleagues. A Very Brief Historical Overview of Broadcasting to the USSR and Russia from a Western Perspective

Irina Chmovzh/Elena Koneva: Socio-Demographic Profiles of Information Media Audiences in Russia. Results from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Valentina Zlobina: The Voice of Russia's Role in Creating a Single Information Space in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Sofia Berezhkova: Voice of Russia Audiences in the Czech Republic, Radio Prague Audiences in Russia. Results of Focus Groups in Moscow and Prague

Sergei Khaikin: Opinion Polls and Focus Groups As a Means to Understanding Local Audiences in Chechnya. Implications for Broadcasters

Media and Research in the Arab World

Mark Rhodes/Carole Chapelier: "Balance-Seekers" and New Information Sources. Media Usage Patterns in the Middle East

Abir Lucassen/Oliver Zöllner: Researching Audiences in the Arab World. A Multi-Method Approach

Sampling and Fieldwork Issues

Mark Eggerman: Afghanistan: A View From the Ground

Alice Buslay-Wiersch: Researching Small Ethnic Target Groups in Canada

Internet Research

Lewis Harper: Beyond 'Hits'. Website Research and Developing Website Evaluation Criteria at Radio Free Asia

Oliver Zöllner/Roland Schürhoff: Does One Site Fit All? A Qualitative Content and Usability Study of Websites

Digitisation of the Airwaves

Graham Mytton: Digital Radio Mondiale - What Do We Need to Know from Research? And How Do We Prepare for DRM?

Valentina Zlobina/Nikolai Sonichev: DRM: New Perspectives for International Broadcasting.

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