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Oliver Zöllner (ed.):

Reaching Audiences Worldwide.
Perspectives of International Broad-
casting and Audience Research.

(= CIBAR Proceedings, Vol. 1)

Bonn: CIBAR, 2003, 131 pages,
in English

This book is a selection of presentations held at annual meetings of CIBAR, the "Conference of International Broadcasters' Audience Research Services", in Washington, D.C. (2001) and Stockholm (2002). Both these conferences took place in the aftermath of '9/11' and under the impression of an ever-growing number of technological innovations - developments on a global scale that international broadcasting research must reflect. This is the first title published in the association's Proceedings series.

From back cover:

How to reach audiences abroad? International and intercultural communication, aiming at bridging gaps and promoting mutual understanding between nations and cultures, are at the heart of global broadcasting. Methods and topics of international audience research are diverse, its challenges numerous. In this book experts give first-hand accounts of their work.

From contents:

James S. Morrow: Meeting Marketing and Program Placement Needs for Research: Questionnaire Review

Colin M Wilding: How Do Surveys Deal with Multiple Forms of Access?

Mark Rhodes: Multi-Media Measurement. Measuring a Broadcaster's Total Impact

Stephen Hegarty/Haleh Vaziri: Reaching Difficult to Access Populations. Audience Research, for Whom, How, and Why?

Graham Mytton: Nigeria - a 'Do It Yourself' Case Study. Evaluation of the Radio Programme 'Hannu Daya'

R. Eugene Parta: How Our Listeners See Us. The Evolving Image and Position of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty from the Cold War to the Present

David G. Gibson: Crises Past: Supplying Research Quickly When It Counts

Haleh Vaziri: Reflections on Media Research in Muslim Societies After 9/11: Sense and Sensibilities

Valentina Zlobina: Crises and Calamities Through the Prism of Foreign Language Broadcasts

Graham Mytton: ...But Don't Overlook Shortwave

... and additional articles

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