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(Cover courtesy of
© 1997 Paragon-Verlag)
Oliver Zöllner (ed.):

BFBS verbatim.
Eine Dokumentation von
Forschungsinterviews und
Programmanalysedaten des
britischen Militärsenders BFBS.

Bochum: Paragon, 1997, xii, 225 pages,
mostly in English
with a bilingual introduction

About this book:

BFBS verbatim: A documentation of research interviews and programme analysis data of British forces radio BFBS. The title says it all: this book is a collection of research materials that have been generated for Oliver Zoellner's dissertation on British forces broadcasting, BFBS: 'A Friend Abroad' (1996).

Science continuously calls for the verification of findings and the repeatability of analytic and interpretive processes. In true academic fashion, transcripts of all qualitative in-depth interviews conducted with BFBS managers and two focus group sessions with British soldiers based in Germany (1994/95), along with the complete data sheets and categories of a quantitative format (content) analysis of BFBS Radio 1 (comprising of 336 hours = two complete weeks' output), have been documented here.

This collection is primarily meant to provide supplementary materials for other researchers' reanalyses of the original data. With radio being such a transitory phenomenon (much to the regret of archivists), this publication might already have become an historical document in its own right.

Interviewed BFBS managers include: Tony Davis, Roger Dentith, Aidan Donovan, Simon Guettier, Roger Hudson, Peter McDonagh, Marc Tyley.

View a sample from the book (excerpt from group discussion) here.

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